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Don't let life fly by!

Get out and live with Flutter, a mobile app that
recommends and connects you with local
activities perfectly tailored to your interests and needs.

Don't worry about planning in advance

We’ve got you covered for last-minute, spontaneous fun. Everything you need to find and book an experience is at your fingertips.

Don't let plans fall through

Because our smart algorithm tracks and learns
what you like, finding exactly what you
are looking for or discovering new
favorite activities is effortless.

The hassle of coordinating plans is no more;
share recommendations directly on the
app or with anyone via text or email.


Use Flutter to find your perfect activity.

Easy Decisions

Flip through and narrow down a deck of of recommendations personalized to your interests and automatically adjusted to your current situation. Goodbye information overload.

See More

Between a few options but want to see more? Swipe up to repopulate that deck.

Restore It

Swiped down a recommendation too fast? Don’t worry, just press the arrow to get it back.

Filter It

Filter away all irrelevant recommendations to plan your perfect outing.

Bookmark It

Like a recommendation but don’t want to book it now? Just bookmark it for later.

Share It

Easily share recommendations directly with friends.

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Your details will not be shared with any third parties.