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Register Now. You don't have to pay for a membership, or for the impressions of new customers. You just create your free merchant account and add your activities to our app. You have complete control over the price and content of your posts. We'll send people your way. You only pay if they do.

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How we find your ideal customers: We have a large pool of non-merchant users in Flutter who enter details about themselves and what they like to do. The users sign up because they want things to do (oftentimes looking for last minute outing ideas). Each day they view a list of activities custom tailored for them. Between the information the users provide us and the machine-learning algorithm inside our incredible app interface, we are able to send you customers that are pre-qualified to want what you're offering.

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How Flutter Works for Your Customers

A great interface for finding amazing activities.

What They Love

We provide our users with experiences they are pre-qualified to love. We believe you only have to "sell" when you're not 100% sure they want to buy. We make sure to only show your listing to people who want to see your listing. This makes everyone happy.

Your Story, New Audience

We offer you a beautiful platform to share your message with new customers. Our users want to hear what you have to offer. That's why they signed up. Utilize our platform to grow your customer base and show the world how your activities can give people something great to do. Our users are spontaneous thrill-seekers who often look to book last second.

Powerful Machine Learning

Flutter gets to know your new customers from the beginning, but it doesn't stop there. Flutter utilizes a powerful machine learning algorithm that gets smarter every day. Meaning every second that passes, our ability to match you with people ready to buy improves.

Absolutely Zero Financial Risk

When was the last time someone didn't make you pay to play. We stand behind our product and believe in our ability to match your activities with our users so effectively, that we can make all of our business from you and your new clients' mutual satisfaction. The zero-risk model we offer you isn't charity, it's confidence.

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Here is a video explaining what Flutter is and how to publish your first offering.


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  • Self-service merchant portal; stop selling at anytime.
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